Call out to Artists and Researchers

Invitation for artists and researchers

Cooperative Noidanlukko invites to research via scientific and artistic means both the human-nature relationship and the effects of the nuclear power plant -project in Pyhäjoki. We are looking for groups, individuals, research projects and networks to produce new information that is involved in the harmony and/or in conflict between human being and the environment. We aim at co-operation with independent actors. (Find the PDF -document here: Call out to Artists and Researchers)

The call is open until 15th of September 2018. You can send applications by e-mail: infocenterhanhikivi (at) But first read this all through. Financially the house operation is built on selling shares of the co-operative Noidanlukko that runs the practicalities. The daily participation will include a small fee for basic living costs such as food and firewood. The house is located in Pyhäjoki municipality center and offers small spaces for accommodation and gatherings, at the summertime there are more possibilities at house yard. We are building the house environment and the Information Center, as a joint effort. Please spread and you are welcome to join our work!

Professionals from arts and sciences are welcome, but also projects that stem from an idea, group skills, interest for research, will to express or merely intuition. The main thing is that you can describe your project, your aims and actions in forehand and the project can be accepted within the aims of Cooperative Noidanlukko and the practical rules of the house of the Information Centre Hanhikivi. The Noidanlukko Co-operative is interested for example in environmental protection projects of different disciplines, environmental monitoring and documentation of change. We wish to inform and learn more of the various damages the nuclear project has on the societies and nature, whether they are irreversible or not.

Where possible, we look for ways to repair some of those damages, for example by seeking help for mending social damages in communities or seeking professional health support for people. Our call for project is also about stopping the planned destructive development, dependency of an unethical and economically unsustainable industry and supplanting sustainable options. We want to stop oppression and damage to people, nature and the peace between nations.

Co-operative Noidanlukko can offer:

  • support from Information Center Hanhikivi depending on the resources available
  • residency at the Information Center, especially for seasonal small group work, workshops, journalistic and documentation work, small exhibitions and events, central place for events
  • events and seminars in Pyhäjoki and neighbor municipalities, where to implement art and research projects, collect and share information
  • house yard, where gardening experiments are possible
  • activity respecting neighbours, nature and animals
  • atmosphere encouraging citizens to collect information and supporting active citizenship
  • attitude, where everyone are equal learners, sharing experience and information

We encourage to creativity, humour, interdisciplinary and multiartistic practice, and to search for the harmony between people and nature. On its own part, the co-operative activities include small food production, recycling, promoting more healthy human-nature relationship and good neighbor relations, also events related to these themes.

In order to get involved you need to accept the principles of the Information Center Hanhikivi. For the moment, the applications can be directed to the board of the co-operative (infocenterhanhikivi (at), the call is open until 15th of September 2018 and the applicants will be informed as soon as possible. We can support projects that will conclude latest by the end of the year 2019. The Cooperative Noidanlukko does not have any paid personnel, hence, it cannot promise financial support and in the end every instance is responsible for their own work. However, the co-operative offers facilities, other support for work that is for common good and trust for human creativity to turn the oppressive machinery around to function ecologically sustainable way and for the good of the future generations.

Applicants willing to work with us are asked to answer to the questions below in an open letter:

The Co-operative board will deal with the letters and inform the applicants as soon as possible.

  1. Project name, the people working for it and responsible persons, and if there are additional people that are needed to implement the project
  2. Project’s scientific/artistic/other background (for example, organization(s), goals/ funding of the project’s background. )
  3. Project content in main features: what is done, for whom is it, why and when
  4. What do you wish to attain from your project, is there a clear result or direction
  5. What support would you hope from the co-operative/Information Center Hanhikivi/the people in the area/the organisations from the area (for example, useful news collected by people, event organisation etc.)
  6. Where is the result of your work meant to be published or presented in? (text, performance, research)
  7. Are you interested in the other activities of the Information Center Hanhikivi?(at the house everyone chips in the food, recycling, cleaning etc., but do you have any workshop, lecture etc. you would be interested in doing?)
  8. Are you interested in co-operative membership?
  9. Your contact information


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