Information Center Hanhikivi

Information Center Hanhikivi, located in Pyhäjoki, is a meeting place and a space for  art and research related to i.a. social and environmental effects of the current nuclear power -project. Organisation of the activity in the Information Center is the main purpose of the co-operative Noidanlukko.

Information Center Hanhikivi offers facilities for multidisciplinary research and practice in arts and sciences. It is focusing on the human-nature relation, how it is built and on information and interaction around the topic. In the Information Center large scale projects that change the environment significantly, their environmental impact and impact on societies are in the center of our interest. We follow the impacts on the area and create basis for further research, documentation and history writing. Especially the nuclear power plant project in Pyhäjoki and the uranium life cycle are focused on.

The center is in co-operation with projects, research centers, individual artists and scholars. The work begins in autumn 2017 and continues until late autumn 2019. The continuation will be evaluated again in the end.

AIMS of the Information Center Hanhikivi:
– to bring up critical information about nuclear power and energy production in general
– to create a space where people can meet and discuss about nuclear power, energy and other concerns related to these issues
– to create new forms of discussion
– to offer artists and scientists a platform and facilities for work
– to create possibilities for citizens to be active producers of information
– to learn and teach sustainable way of living
– to encourage people to become active in resisting destructive energy production

ACTIVITIES at the Information Center Hanhikivi:
-we are supporting people and groups which are doing anti-nuclear work, and which accept the aims and principles of Information Center Hanhikivi by giving facilities for them
– our work is interdisciplinary and artistic
– we are doing research related to projects that are strongly changing the environment
– we can do research related to the social impact of massive projects, such as nuclear power building
– we organize courses, lessons, exhibitions and open discussions
– we implement creative projects with humour
– we offer space to work for people to implement projects such as mentioned above
– we aim to cooperate with similar projects in Finland and abroad

OUR PRINCIPLES in the Information Center Hanhikivi:
– it is an open space, where people should feel welcome and safe. Please, keep it clean and behave nicely!
-our action is non-violent, peaceful, respecting diversity in nature and respecting human dignity. In our work we also follow the law.
– good relations with neighbours are important for us
– the Information Center is alcohol and drug free place.
-any discrimination against ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality, religion will not be tolerated
– in the house, all kind avoidance of oppression is important

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